100 - Al-Aadiyaat (The Chargers) / 1 Next Verse
وَالْعَادِيَاتِ ضَبْحًاِ
WaalAAadiyati dabhan
  • وَٱلۡعَـٰدِيَـٰتِ
    By the racers
  • ضَبۡحً۬ا
Abdel Haleem : By the charging steeds that pant
Ahmed Ali : And/by the panting/changing colour , attacking forces/horses.
Muhammad Ahmed - Samira : I CALL TO witness the chargers, snorting, rushing to battle before the others,
Aisha Bewley : By the charging horses panting hard,
Ali Quli Qara'i : By the snorting chargers,
Ali Ünal : By the chargers that run panting,
Amatul Rahman Omar : I call to witness the panting and snorting chargers (of the warriors).
Arthur John Arberry : By the snorting chargers,
Bijan Moeinian : God hereby swears by the fast gallopers,….
Edward Henry Palmer : By the snorting chargers!
Faridul Haque : By oath of those that sprint, breathing heavily. (The horses used in Holy War.)
George Sale : By the war-horses which run swiftly to the battle, with a panting noise;
Hamid S. Aziz : By the snorting chargers!
Hasan Al-Fatih Qaribullah : By the snorting runners (the horses),
John Medows Rodwell : By the snorting CHARGERS!
Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali : And (by) the snorting chargers,
Abdul Majid Daryabadi : By the chargers panting,
Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall : By the snorting courses,
Maulana Muhammad Ali : By those running and uttering cries!
Muhammad Asad : Oh, the chargers that run panting,
Muhammad Sarwar : (I swear) by the snorting chargers (of the warriors), whose hoofs strike against the rocks
Muhammad Taqi Usmani : (I swear) by those (horses) that run snorting,
[Al-Muntakhab] : By the high- mettled horses when they breath hard or pant.
[Progressive Muslims] : By the fast gallopers.
Shabbir Ahmed : Oh, the panting galloping horses of the raiders.
Shakir : I swear by the runners breathing pantingly,
Sher Ali : By the snorting charges
Syed Vickar Ahamed : By the (majestic horses) that run with panting (breath),
Umm Muhammad (Sahih International) : By the racers, panting,
Yusuf Ali : By the (Steeds) that run, with panting (breath),
Yusuf Ali (org.) : By the (Steeds) that run, with panting (breath),